ACT: It’s Not Too Late To Tell McCrory To Veto HB 74

For over a week now, HB 74 has sat on Governor McCrory’s desk, awaiting his action. Time is running out. Now more than ever, we need you to contact the Governor and urge him to veto this harmful piece of legislation.

HB 74 has been dubbed the “Billboards Forever” bill. The measure overrides any local billboard regulation, allowing even the most decrepit signs to be rebuilt into permanent monopole structures – built by our roadsides in perpetuity, even if illegal under our local laws. This gives the billboard industry unheard of power over local land use rights, unequal to any other business in the state.

The bill also encourages additional clear-cutting of the public’s trees to expand sign visibility. Because most of this new clear cutting is focused on highway interchanges, the regulations will have a negative effect on highway safety, increasing distractions in our most dangerous interchanges. Ambiguous language in the bill may also open the door for increased height for sign poles and more outdoor lighting.

Bottom line? If HB 74 is signed into law, don’t be surprised to see newer, bigger, and more permanent outdoor advertising rolling out in your neighborhood. Your local legislators will be powerless to stop it.

Please Contact Governor Pat McCrory Today and Ask Him To Veto House Bill 74.

When you contact him, you can:

  • Thank Governor McCrory for his leadership in reducing visual clutter through billboard ordinances when he was Mayor of Charlotte, and ask him to protect this authority for other cities and counties in the state.
  • Remind Governor McCrory that visual quality is important in attracting businesses and tourists to our communities and state.
  • Tell Governor McCrory that, over the last few years, the billboard industry has already received major concessions at the public’s expense, and that enough is enough.


How To Contact Governor McCrory:

Telephone (During Normal Business Hours): 919.814.2000

Facsimile: 919.733.2120

E-Mail: or

Thank You For Your Support of Scenic Quality In North Carolina.


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