How Trees Improve Communities

Scenic NC is in an ongoing fight to preserve the natural beauty of our great state and to ensure that the natural resources of North Carolina stay beautiful for generations to come. Many of North Carolina’s trees have been around for many years, and with destructive practices, such as billboard clear cutting, it seems as though the days of many of these magnificent trees may be numbered.

Trees benefit our state and the world in so many ways, with their natural beauty being just at the roots. But if we dig a little deeper, you will be surprised to find that trees are important for a multitude of reasons.  They are essential to life as we know it. Here is an informative list of why trees are important, not just to North Carolina, but to the entire planet.

1.  Trees Help Us Breathe A Little Deeper

The air conditioning in your home is filtered through an air filter that catches all the dust and dirt that you wouldn’t want to breathe. That helpful air filter in your home does the same thing to the air inside your home that a forest does to the air outside. The forest filters and cleans the air we breathe. So when you go outside to “get some fresh air” you can thank all of those beautiful trees for making the air we breathe so “fresh”.

2. Trees Turn The Volume Down

Those of us who live in urban areas sometimes have a little trouble getting to sleep at night. The cause of this sometimes is due to the sound of the city or urban noise — noises like the occasional ambulance or fire truck, cars honking, and various other noises that fill the city nights. Consider trees as the next best thing to noise-cancelling headphones. Considered to be as effective as having a stone wall built around your house, trees that are planted at strategic points around your home or neighborhood can block out the noise from airports and freeways.

3.  Trees Tell Water To Slow Down

Flash flooding can become a dangerous problem and cause property damage in some states, including North Carolina. Trees can help prevent flash flooding from happening by slowing down water runoff. For example, one Colorado blue spruce (planted or growing naturally) can absorb more than 1,000 gallons of water annually.

4. Trees Help Lower Heating Bills

Trees located on the windward side of your neighborhood or home act as windbreaks, which lowers heating costs. Windbreaks created by trees can lower home heating bills by thirty (30%) per cent and have a significant effect on reducing snow drifts.

5.  Trees Help Money Grow

Whoever created the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees” should take a look at property values and how trees help them grow. The cost of a home will increase if trees beautify a neighborhood. The home will not only be more beautiful, but the property value may increase by fifteen (15%) per cent or more!

-Leah Drayer

 Scenic NC Administrator

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