“Billboard Bill” Would Forever Change NC’s Roadways; Close to Becoming Law


RALEIGH, North Carolina – August 12, 2019 – House Bill 645, “Revisions to Outdoor Advertising Laws,” was passed by the NC House with a vote of 60-54 to approve the Senate’s revisions.  It now goes to Governor Roy Cooper for consideration.

H 645 makes outdoor advertising laws more lenient for billboard companies.

The legislation allows billboard companies to:

1.    Move billboards to locations where they are currently restricted, pre-empting local control and ordinances.  This means that billboards could be relocated to highways where they are currently not allowed, such as I-540 in Wake County, and closer to residential neighborhoods across the state.

2.    Increase the height of existing billboards to 50 feet or more, overriding local government ordinances.

3.    Clear-cut public trees that block the view of billboards up to distance of almost two football fields

4.    “Upgrade” existing billboards to digital, including messages that change every few seconds, pre-empting local ordinances and distracting drivers along our public highways.

The bill is strongly opposed by Scenic North Carolina, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to maintaining North Carolina’s natural and scenic beauty.

Statement of Dale McKeel, President, Scenic North Carolina:

 “This bill is a clear play by the billboard industry to make a profit at the public’s expense. If it becomes law, this bill will drastically impact the scenic beauty of our state. We urge Governor Cooper to veto H 645. ”  

Web: ScenicNC.org

Twitter: @ScenicNCarolina

Instagram: scenicnc

Recent News Coverage:

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About Scenic North Carolina: Scenic NC is a statewide nonprofit dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of North Carolina through advocacy, research, and education.

Press Contact: Emily Kissee, 919-454-8958

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