ACTION ALERT: Urge Legislators and Governor Cooper to Remove Budget Provisions on Billboards and Trees

The NC House approved its version of the state budget last week.  The House budget bill includes non-budgetary policy provisions that affect the ability of residents and elected officials in towns, cities, and counties to preserve community character.

The final version of the budget is being worked out by the Senate, House, and Governor.  Please contact your state legislators and Governor Cooper — Urge them to remove these policy provisions from the state budget.

  • BILLBOARDS: A measure removing local authority to determine the location of relocated billboards, when the billboards are removed by road construction. (No committee hearings in House or Senate.)
  • TREES: A measure eliminating local tree ordinances, only allowing local tree removal and protection rules by local legislative act. (Approved in the House; not yet considered by any Senate committee.)

Please contact your state legislators in the House and Senate and Governor Cooper to ask that these harmful measures be taken out of any final state budget.  Request that the state budget (Senate Bill 105) be focused on spending priorities and not policy provisions that haven’t been reviewed through the regular legislative process.

To find your legislator, go to

  • Type in your address and look for the NC House and NC Senate members that represent you.

To contact Governor Cooper:

  • By phone: 919-814-2000
  • By email:

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