Scenic NC Timeline

  • August 2011:  A group of individuals interested in reviving Scenic North Carolina as an organization began meeting and having discussions.
  • October 2011: These volunteers came together to form an organizational board.
  • February 2012:  A meeting was held by the Members of the Organization’s Board during which they approved Articles of Incorporation for “Scenic NC, Inc.”, adopted new Bylaws, and elected Officers.
  • March 2012: The North Carolina Secretary of State approved Scenic NC Inc.’s Articles of Incorporation.
  • March 2012: Scenic NC filed a lawsuit in Wake County Superior Court against The North Carolina Department of Transportation.  The lawsuit asked the Court to set aside temporary rules issued in January on the basis that the rules violate the State’s Administrative Procedures Act.  The Judge denied a Temporary Restraining Order against the rules, but allowed for a Preliminary Injunction to be heard within two (2) weeks.
  • March 2012: The North Carolina Outdoor Advertising Association files as an “Intervenor” in the case with the “Defendant” (The North Carolina Department of Transportation).  Both submit a Motion To Dismiss the case.  Judge Michael Morgan hears arguments on Monday, March 19, 2012. After a few hours of testimony, the Judge noted he was going to take this under advisement.   A ruling has not been made as of yet.